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Hi! I’m Lois, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Whether you’ve stumbled across a few of my novels or this is your first time hearing about Sunlake Press, or you have no idea how you got here, welcome! I’m Lois Lavrisa, Amazon bestselling, award winning author.

When I’m not busy spinning tales, you’ll find me knee-deep in the delightful pandemonium of family life. I’ve got four amazing grown kids whom I adore, and let me tell you, there’s nothing sweeter than being called GiGi (at least when he talks, I’m angling for this moniker) by my adorable grandson.

Oh, and did I mention I’ve been happily hitched for over 33 years? My husband is a sweet, patient, kind, loyal, aerospace engineer. He is a “just the facts” kind of guy.

And then there’s me, living large in my own little world, making up shit, dreaming up characters (then acting like they are real) and weaving stories about them. Our marriage is proof that opposites do attract.

Thanks for stopping by, grab a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy!

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